Tdworth golf club winner best member club

Wiltshire’s local Tidworth Golf Club has been crowned the Best Members Club in Wiltshire by this year.

The great news comes in a new line of accomplishments from the Golf Club. The club has gone above and beyond to accomplish these.

The improvements made to the course include new tees, extending the course and fairways and removing some old trees for the overall presentation of the golf course. Other parts of the course have also been improved. Bunkers have been re-constructed, and at Tidworth, there are no temporary greens!

Behind the scenes, the hiring of a new Clubhouse Manager, which enables the club to become closer to its members, was also critical. Detailed information about the club activities is sent by email to members and regular updates are made to the official website of the Tidworth Golf Club.

In the same poll, however, it rose to the number three in all categories, making it the number one members club in the process, four years ago they ranked seventh of all Wiltshire golf clubs. The only 2 clubs higher rated in Wiltshire are privately owned.
The input from those who used the course was highly complementary with club committed to helping players of all abilities by providing professional PGA-trained coaching for their members.

Nevertheless, Tidworth not only excelled on the greens, in addition, provides a clubhouse for community events and can also be reserved for private use by members of the public.
Geoff Johnson, General Manager of Tidworth Golf Club, MBE, certainly does not rest on his laurels in recent applause and performance. When he stays on track, he says: “We need to keep members and visitors alive, always keeping the focus on customers. We must continue to improve to manage and maintain that.

“The course will be further developed, the staff developed and we will carry out future projects which will enhance that which we are already are doing at the Golf Club.”