At present, a 20-year-old male is in custody after being detained on suspicion of various crimes, including three burglaries.

Police got an amount of reports of burglaries in Salisbury shortly before midnight yesterday, including one from a Castle Road resident who had troubled a person in his address, the person had escaped the scene after the occupant had seen him.

Officers visited the scene to conduct an initial area search and found a car suspiciously being parked on Waters Road within minutes. Officers attempted to stop the car but it the vehicle failed to stop and a police pursuit was authorised.

The driver lost traction and was arrested on Pembroke Road.

The local 20-year-old was detained on suspicion of three burglaries, failing to stop for policemen, dangerous driving, failing to supply a blood sample, driving while disqualified, driving without insurance and theft of a car.

He was originally transferred to a superficial injury hospital and is now in Melksham custody.

As part of police enquiries, the car was confiscated and there were countless presumed robbed objects inside.

Supt Dave Minty said: “This was an excellent result for officers in the south of the county who swiftly located an individual following several reports of burglaries in the area. For further interrogation, he stays in detention.